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Re-inventing how stories are told.


Legacy Family Documentaries is dedicated to preserving the stories and lessons of our loved ones, ensuring that their knowledge and wisdom lives on.


By learning from those who have gone before us, we can continue their excellence and build upon their accomplishments. Legacy gives us a chance to honor the past, while also creating a better future for ourselves and our families.


It's a powerful way to pass on wisdom that transcends generations. Helping make the world a better place by starting with your family!

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We look forward to sharing your story!

If you or a loved one is in need of sharing their story there's never been a better way! Book an appointment for a video chat so we can get a fuller picture for the scope of the project.

On a mission to change the way stories are shared.

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Love and Happiness
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A retelling of a past life that offers inspiration and delight for loved ones to enjoy.

Relive memories of your love story and see them come back to life.

Family members lost but not forgotten can have their stories shared for years beyond their passing.

Give your audience your why! Introducing a new way of marketing.

The tribute documentary created for my father left me speechless. It's one thing to have a relationship with a parent and then actually getting to know them through stories of friends and family, which is truly special. I got to know my dad in a deeper and more intimate way... I can't explain my gratitude for what these two young men have done for me.

- Maria H.

Booking Info

Our appointments can be scheduled up to a week before the date requested. You may sometimes find that all the booking dates are filled or unavailable.


We can still receive inquiries by contacting us through email or phone call, that way you can reserve your place on our waitlist. But don't wait too long, as every project takes 3-4 weeks to complete.

If you're interested in solidifying your memories in a legacy video please reach out!

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