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Having an accurate pricing requires a consultation to capture everything that fits your needs. We want families to find support as they venture into documenting a loved-ones legacy, so we'd like to remind you that responsibility does not have to fall on the shoulders of one individual. As a family service, we believe that family members can share in the experience of doing something special for generations to come. 

Legacy Pricing

It's our mission to document and compose an encapsulating story of your loved-one. To help us achieve this without breaking your bank we can segment your video to allow parts of a story to be created as time goes on (love story, entrepreneurship journey, raising kids, overcoming challenges, etc.). We can always go back and edit more of your loved-ones story to complete their story, but now you have control over what story you'd like to have and when. We hope this allows people a more customizable experience to eventually grow a legacy video to its completion and solidify as much of your loved-ones life as possible.

*Starting: $2,000/segment (3-5 minutes of detailed story with B-roll)


Ready for a full scope project? Looking to expand on a project? Give us a call and we can prepare you for the entire process. We take your vision and use our talents to make it a reality. From the scheduling process to editing room, we'll walk with you through everything to create a mesmerizing story that will outlast lifetimes.

*Full scope project starting at $8,000 (Average: 20 minutes of fluid and dynamic storytelling paired with music design, and B-roll. Access to share hardcopy video or digital).

Full Legacy Video

Senior Portrait


Memoir is an autobiographical documentary where you share lessons and values you would like to use to guide your family for generations that follow. You are a fountain of knowledge, from the earliest of memories you began storing life lessons either experienced or passed down. As you’ve become wiser you led an exciting life by weaving through life’s obstacles and coming out the other end (mostly) whole. It’s important to share the lessons that guided your life journey to the generations that follow so they can have a head-start on their own journey’s that lie ahead.

* Payment plan options available



Enchantment is a family interview for everyone to reminisce on moments that built up their foundation. Think of it as a professionally made home video that retells stories shared amongst each other with the inclusion of photographs, personal videos, and more. Look back on reasons to celebrate the unity that makes your family, Family.

* Payment plan options available

Image by Jessica Rockowitz


Tribute is the most extensive of projects created with the sole purpose of inspiring. We highly underestimate how much we know about our elder’s and the impact they had, not only to you but everyone around them. How did your grandparents build their legacy, what stories have you not heard, and how many lives have they touched? Tributes honor the choices and sacrifices made by your loved-one to solidify their legacy for life-times to come.

*Consultation Required

** Payment plan options available

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