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Proof of Concept Request
A timeless heirloom of stories for all generations to come!

A proof of concept is a short 2-5 minute trailer of what your legacy video could be... for FREE! We understand how important your loved-ones are to you, so to help you in creating a timeless keepsake we want to ease the pressure of buying without proof. 

It's simple! You can contact us below by entering your info and the topic of the story you'd like to share (or have a loved-one share) and we can schedule a time to interview. This interview allows us to build a preview of what would be possible given a full-length documentary. In full transparency, this also puts us one step ahead by collecting tons of footage and learning more about you if you decide to expand on your proof of concept by purchasing a package!


This may be a little extra work for us, but it ensures that you're comfortable and confident that we are the right choice to create a long-lasting family treasure!

*Spaces limited.

**Minimum 3 person commitment required to qualify for the proof of concept program.

Simple as one click and some info to get us started! Take advantage of this special offer to bring together a beautiful story for your loved-one. 

Schedule a FREE Proof of Concept Video

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