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Common Questions about Legacy Documentaries

What are legacy documentaries?


Legacy documentaries are like a time capsule of knowledge and excitement! Your loved-ones' stories collected into a movie and they're the hero. Watch your favorite stories from those who matter most to you and carry on a living document that can inspire as well as entertain.

What is the process for creating a legacy documentary?


  • Preproduction

    • You contact us with your interest​

    • If you're eligible: We develop a storyline and proof of concept with initial interview

  • Production

    • Full interview​ at your residence (gives authentic feel to your project)

    • Retrieve artifacts for secondary footage

  • Post Production

    • Editing (less than 2 weeks)​

    • Delivery in chosen method (DVD, USB, or digital)

What kind of materials or information should be included in a legacy documentary?


During proof of concept stage we will ask for any photos, newspaper clippings, or trinkets that could be used as part of the visuals for your story. The interview will lead the need.

What are the benefits of creating a legacy documentary?


You've learned to not touch the stove either because:

A. You've burned yourself before.

B. Someone burned themselves and you learned by watching.

The same concept applies with our documentaries: we want people to learn from the experienced knowledge of their loved ones. It doesn't have to be a lecture but instead an exciting journey of their lives retold on the big screen!

"Can I do it myself?"


Absolutely! We've tried our best to give out free education on how you can achieve the goal of preserving your loved ones' knowledge, because at the end of the day nobody cares if the visuals are polished... what matters is the content. We give you the questions and some tips on how to get a story recorded on audio, written in a book, or filmed on camera. We also do consultation services if you're interested in being guided through the process. 

Why LFD?


We decided to give away our education to stay in line with our mission of extending the knowledge of our loved-ones beyond their passing, so stories can continue to teach and inspire for generations to come. 

You are capable of achieving the results, but we offer a decade of story-telling and videography/editing skills that took a huge investment of time and resources. Time and resources many people don't have. We can solidify the knowledge of a loved-one in 24 hours without the loss of wisdom when they pass away. Working with LFD you'll have efficiency and peace-of-mind, your story is safe with us. 

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